CBT software

Our software remains the only conventional application with such build in functionalities and ability to extend and integrate with existing systems, that is also suitable for universities

What makes CyForce CBT unique is its ability to work the way you do.
An intuitive application that is developed with users experience in mind has major features highlighted:

      • Administrative Controls: –
        The ability to monitor all test processes and track user’s activities from a responsive central dashboard gives the administrator a worry-free atmosphere.
      • Question Bank:-
        Add and manage unlimited questions in question bank, which you can later add into any quiz. It supports four types of questions: Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answer, Short answer, Long answer. You can add images, math equations into question. You can import question through excel (.xlsx) and word (.docx)
      • Exams:-
        quiz with all required settings like Quiz duration, start and end date-time, maximum attempt allowed, assign to multiple groups, proctoring enable-disable etc.
        Exams template has features to switch any question, mark question as review later, timer, internet connectivity alert and web cam preview (if proctoring quiz)
      • Result Report:-
        Application provides detailed report of result. It contain obtained score, obtained percentage, correct -incorrect marks, total and individual question time, category-wise report with correct-incorrect marks and time spent. Question-wise report which show correct answer and answer submitted by user. Proctoring report which show number of warning issued, web cam photos and screenshot captured during quiz.
      • Regular support services:-

    We provide free 6 months regular support service which include application installation, bug fixing and updates.

    • Remote Access: –
      As a distributable application with secured test encryption standard, it runs on Local Area Network (LAN), with no Internet connection required.
    • Customization: –
      The application mimic the environment where it is deployed. It provide options to change the theme, solution name, input logo and upload landscape images as background carousel.
    • Candidates Management: –
      All users can manage their profile and records.
    • Audit Trail: –
      Test ability to generate activity log file for each user test, mitigate modifications of raw scores in the database, and increase the quality of test auditing to 100%.
    • Test Session Restore: –
      The decision for which power supply to use during the test period is not necessary. The application can easily recover from unexpected shutdown and restore the entire session of test, with the last time of user interaction, to continue from where it stopped and end when it is supposed.
    • Low Level System Requirements: –
      Unlike other CBT solutions, which are commonly identified with issues related to freezing and even crashing of servers. CyForce CBT T, does not give overhead task to the server. An average system of 2.0 GHZ, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB Hard Disk can process a thousand test request just in time, with zero packet lost.


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