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    Banking Sectors

    Digital Forensics, Software, Web services, Network, CCTV, Solar Inverter System, Access Control, Alarm system, Man guards services
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    Shoping & Retail

    CCTV, POS and Accounting  Software,  Man Guards, , Solar Inverter System, Access Control, ICT services
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    Trackers, Car Cameras, booking systems
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    Education Institute

    Security, Web design, Software, Network, CCTV, Access Control, Training and Workshops
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    City Public Area

    Security services, CCTV, Man Guards
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    Real Estate and Hotels

    Security, Automation, Alarm systems,  Electric fences, Security doors,  CCTV, , Solar Inverter System, Access Control, Websites, Software
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    ICT services, Consultations, Software, security services, hardware maintenance, CCTV, Solar Inverter system 
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    Law Enforcement

    Digital forensics, footage analysis, assist in pre investigations,  tracking
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    Telecom and Media

    Internet and Networking, software, hardware, Graphics, multimedia
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    24/7/365 Support

    Quickly connect to us through email, chat or by phone and get your state-of-the-art protection today!

    Affordable Rates

    Our fee is very affordable and consistence in respect our excellent service

    Different Range

    In Balancing Risk, Trust and Opportunity in an Uncertain World of security breaches


    We satisfy our client by providing customized security solutions to help protect your family and property

    Reliable and Proven

    Cyforce has continued to offer quality and total security solutions to its numerous clients spread across the length and breath of Nigeria

    Experts and Staff

    Cyforce provides qualify and consistent security experts across all portfolio of businesses with maximum professionalism

    Our Best Features

    Safety in your Surroundings

    Where Caution Blends with Technology!

    Access control system integration with employee and visitor management Integrate your access control system and visitor management

    Surveillance Scam Kit
    CCTV Design House
    Counting Technology
    Smart Clamp Claws

    Stay Secured from Fire Harms

    Fire alarm technology will keep your family safe, no matter what happens

    Fire Alarm solutions for old or new buildings, no matter how complicated. We deal in Gents, Chloride-UK, EMS, others.  we install Conventional Fire Alarm Systems, Addressable Fire Alarm or Wireless Fire Alarm

    Automatic Detection
    Reducing False Alarms
    Addressable Fire Alarm System
    Remotely Monitored Fire Alarm

    Protect Your Home From Anywhere

    Monitor your home from anywhere and anytime

    If the safety of your home and your loved ones ranks tops in your life’s priority, keep an eye on your home with home alert systems that remotely monitor and control your home, vacation property or small business.

    Centralized Control Panel
    Surveillance Monitoring
    Video Analysis
    Live Recording

    Enhance Your Customer Experience

    Track and analyze buying behavior of each buyer with video analytics system

    With a powerful video analytics capability, retailers can track and analyze buying behavior of each buyer. Additionally, retailers having e-commerce applications or websites can integrate data from the same to analyze in-depth buyer profile and engagement behavior.

    Customer Enter/Exit Counts
    Mapping Customer Journeys
    Identifying Store Performance
    Event Based Analysis

    Protect Your Home From Anywhere

    Monitor and record video remotely with awesome IP network

    Use your smartphone to view and monitor multiple IP cameras remotely, access and control your IP Cameras from anywhere in the world.
    Set up an effective IP camera video monitoring system within minutes!

    Local File Storage
    Remote Video Monitoring
    Mobile Monitoring
    Secure Wireless Transmission

    Digital Security

    Specialists in Cyber security, Computer forensic, Mobile Forensic and Footage analysis.

    We specialist in digital surveillance equipment, installation and monitoring services. We have a proven track record of providing exceptional security services to our large customer base. We pride ourselves on being a preferred supplier of security equipment for individuals and companies, both small and large.

    False Alarm Reduction
    Fact-Based Responses
    Greater Customer Safety
    Videofied System

    Easily Monitor the Dynamic Environments

    Easily evaluate and monitor cloud-based services and applications

    At Cyforce we apply “Cloud Computing” technologies to “Condition Monitoring”.
    It solves the need for remote real-time information, since without information it is not possible to manage a set of assets.

    Proactive Detection
    Efficient Monitoring
    Global Visibility
    Customized Alerts

    High-Quality Safe and Secure Access

    Keep safe your home with authorized personal safe and secure access

    Our modern access control systems electronically regulate who go where within a building or site, and when. They are tailored to the type of control you want, its operational processes and traffic flows.

    Real-time Notification
    Key- less Electric Lock
    Card and PIN option
    Bio-metric Fingerprint Option

    Keep your house close, anywhere you are

    Monitor and control your home’s devices with enhanced smartphone accessibility

    Our Automation system on your smartphone uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems in the home, such as lighting and heating and some other smart devices in the home.

    Complete Wireless Technology
    Control on Unauthorized Use
    Evaluate the Power Consumption
    Ease of Installation

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    CyForce.NG will help meet the challenges of ICT,  Security and Cyber threats while maintaining the complete compliance.

    We help executives better understand the technical language and requirements of specific regulations and present information in a way that is easy to understand.

    You can Watch and Control from Anywhere and Anytime

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    CyForce provides a comprehensive and versatile portfolio of security tools to support the fight against today’s complex security threats.

    You can Watch and Control from Anywhere and Anytime

    We satisfy our client by providing customized security solutions to help protect your family and property.

    Cyforce provides quality and consistent security services across a portfolio of businesses with maximum protection

    Security Consultations, forensics operations and Data recovery

    Security Solutions

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