Counting Technology

Accurately counting traffic that enters your store or facility empowers organizations to make smarter business decisions. Cyforce Technologies offers a full range of people counter systems that help organizations collect foot traffic information. Our powerful sensors and people counting software give actionable information that increases efficiency and profitability. With our real-time traffic counters, you can gain vital insights on revenue, staffing and marketing. Make informed operational choices with our robust visitor traffic counting software.

Thermal Counters
Thermal counters use a person’s body heat to measure footfall traffic. They create images using infrared radiation similar to a typical camera that forms an image using visible light. Thermal sensors are installed top-down to detect human temperature on entrances to count them.
Wi-Fi Counters
Wi-Fi counters vary in size but can be as large as a home router. They work as long as the Wi-Fi is enabled and there is access to it. This can result in inaccurate results since this type of sensor is dependent on having a Wi-Fi access point. Wi-Fi counters can be complicated to set-up and are best used as a secondary counter and not as a replacement for a primary system.

People Counting Technologies

Measure Traffic Trends

Use the traffic counting data to support project funding.

People Counting Leasing

Before signing a long-term lease, know how the new location traffic compares with your current.

Evaluate Effectiveness

With our people counter, you can measure which promotions work best.

Determine Conversion Ratio

Identify true opportunities and improve your conversion with retail counter systems.

People counting sensors by Cyforce Technology are built for your accuracy requirements, data retrieval needs and budget. We offer both wired and wireless people counting systems. Browse our selection of door counters, horizontal sensors, thermal imaging sensors, data controllers and other accessories below to find the right equipment to suit your needs.

The need for reliable and accurate people counting technologies for businesses is now more critical than ever. In retail, for example, various technological solutions are implemented to ensure that stores’ operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The technology that goes into business operations is vastly versatile and covers every aspect, from security cameras and POS systems to RF and RFID security tags.

With consumer behavior shifting due to the pandemic, retail stores are looking for ways to optimize their conversion rates. To begin the optimization process, businesses need to gain insights into their visitor data to understand shopping behavior – this is where visitor counters come into play.

Customer counters provide actionable foot traffic data to help managers make informed business decisions. They can be used in different industries like retail, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, casinos, airports, libraries, schools or universities, gas stations, banks, museums, theme parks, or any other business.

While people counters are relatively simple, it can get overwhelming as there are many options out there to choose from.

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