Protection Packages

Properties /Facility Level Protection

Houses, Hotels, Offices, etc

N15000 - 100,000

Let us secure your facilities with our state of the security solutions and watch men

  • 24/7 CCTV surveillances
  • Access Control
  • Motion Detectors, Fire alarms system, Electric Fences
  • Man Guards, K9s

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Vehicle Level Protection

Cars, Trucks, Bikes, etc


We offer guarantee real time vehicle tracking monitory  services

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Human Level Protection

Family, Individuals, Pets etc


Lets protect you as a person
Cyforce clear your doubt on kidnapping and other security threats
at all times

  • Real time monitoring
  • Undesttable detectors
  • Records movement
  • Smart button distress trigger

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N0 Installation + N0 Activation + Up to N10000 in Free subscription /Equipment

CyForce Technologies Provides state of the art security solutions at an affordable rate

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Security System Packages

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