Cabinet Alarm & Locks

Ever since we started our operations in Jan 2016, our Assets Under Management (AUM) has been steadily growing contributing more than 40% of the total invested fund with us. Our investment strategy has been very simple-manage the portfolio of trading activities in growth sector followed by low risk government bonds.


What is Cabinet Alarm & Locks?

The new cabinet alarm unit by Cyforce Technology provides a quality product at a price which is affordable. Consisting of three main components this unit gives a loud audible and light indication of violation when the magnetic contact is broken after unit is set.

Why is it Best?

  • Anti-tamper on the base unit
  • RG11 plug with tamper
  • Tampered contacts cable
  • Automatic set on contact closure
  • Turn off feature with auto arm on re-closure
  • Inputs for two contact alarm unit
  • Cable with tamper
  • Replaceable batteries
  • 5 meter length cables to contact units
  • Close set/unset via remote control unit
  • Easy installation and instructions
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