12 thoughts on “How to recover your hacked WhatsApp account & How to protect your whatsapp account.”

  1. This page was helpful.
    Some notes;
    I got my whatsapp hacked and sent an email to support. They got back instantly because I missed to include phone number – that’s important. But they were of no use really. Once the account was compromised I wasn’t able to get back on since the OTP was only going to be sent to me after 11 hours of wait according to my whatsapp app. The support said they would not be able to expedite this wait hence they are totally useless. They didn’t respond to deactivation and kept sending the same mail again saying nothing could be done and that I’d have to wait till the time mention is passed i.e. 11 hours.

    But what worked for me is; I uninstalled WhatsApp and reinstalled it again despite this article watering down the use of it. Reinstalling actually helped me bypass the wait duration of 11 hours. So there you go. Hope it helps someone.

    1. Hello, sorry for that kindly follow this steps in the link below to recover your whats-app, especially the uninstalling and installing part. Reach back to us if you esperiance any difficulties and need advance assistance. Regards

  2. Peaceful Joyce Anthony

    Type here..
    My whatsapp account was hacked yesterday, I’m following the steps her but honestly don’t know how to get to whatsapp web, plus I can’t deactivate my account since my verification pin was changed by the hacker so I couldn’t even gain access. Is there anyone who can help here please?

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